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Mission Statement and Commitments
The mission of the School District of Elmbrook is to educate and inspire every student to think, to learn, and to succeed.
Brookfield Central High School as a community of learners, prepares all students for the future by building on a tradition of excellence with a strong commitment to continuous personal, physical, and academic growth.
The BCHS Athletic/Activities department mission is to extend educational opportunities so students can compete in a manner that promotes personal development, fosters teamwork, and teaches important life skills for becoming a valued member of society.
Philosophy Statement
It is the philosophy of the Brookfield Central Athletic Department that co-curricular athletics serves both the mission of the school district and goals and commitments of Brookfield Central High School. 
The athletics/activities program at BCHS is entirely voluntary and is a privilege, which can be revoked. All eligible students who demonstrate an interest in participating, regardless of their individual abilities are invited and encouraged to participate. Accordingly, appropriate skill levels of teams/groups shall be established within activities so students may participate as fully as possible, regardless of their ability levels in a safe and beneficial manner.
Athletics provide a unique opportunity for students to engage in their school and work toward our mission outside the classroom. We are committed to creating positive environments where students work to develop ethics, sportsmanship, personal core values, and grace under pressure. During the respective athletic seasons our student-athletes learn leadership, personal responsibility, planning, goal setting, and conflict resolution. Through competition our players will develop decision-making, respect, and community responsibility. The list of educational opportunities is endless. Finally, our programs are committed to improving the health and fitness of our student body, attributes that will help them succeed throughout their lives.
Brookfield Central Athletics is also a public symbol of our school’s commitment to human and academic excellence. How our teams perform and carry themselves sends a message to our community, representing the work done at Brookfield Central. With this in mind, our varsity teams are committed to excellent performance within the bounds of exemplary sportsmanship and sound educational practices.


The Brookfield Central Athletic program embodies the following characteristics and dispositions:  
  • Character: We represent and model human excellence on a daily basis. We are motivated by the opportunity to develop adolescents into adults.
  • Integrity: We are morally and ethically driven individuals who understand the responsibility we carry as representative of Brookfield Central. 
  • Inspired: We are inspired to relentlessly pursue excellence in our respective program and in the profession of coaching. We inspire our athletes to join us in that pursuit of excellence. 
  • Humility: We realize that we play a single role within the athletic program of Brookfield Central High School. We recognize that athletics is a single, significant element of the entire educational system.
  • Collaborative: We work together to develop the Brookfield Central athletic community throughout the year.
  • Loyalty: We are committed to the success of Brookfield Central High School. We value the opportunity to coach within a high achieving high school. 
  • Compassionate: We recognize our athletes as individuals. We celebrate their success and build from their disappointments through positive interaction. We value their sacrifices and honor their goals.