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Blue Crew

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We are committed to becoming champions together.
How will we achieve this?

Train Mean

Stay Clean


The Blue Crew is a student-athlete organization led by the athletes
themselves to help create a positive culture & improved performance for
all sports. We want to make the student-athlete experience memorable
and excuse-free.

What do I need to do to become a member of Blue Crew?

  • 2.3 GPA minimum
    • That GPA falls in line with the NCAA guideline
  • Be currently involved in any high school sport
    • Rugby, ski team, gymnastics, hockey, etc. included
    • ALL levels (JV, Varsity, Freshman, etc.) welcome
  • Honor the athletic code... 24/7/365/360
    • Don't worry about past violations, everyone starts with a clean slate
  • Participate in off-season training programs
    • 80% attendance rate required
  • Attend select games/matches/meets from each sport
    • We will coordinate events for each sport season
  • Reach out to youths in the community
    • Attend middle school matches, speak to younger athletes, help coach younger teams, etc.
  • Be willing to commit to the Blue Crew by attending meetings
  • Have fun!
    • Blue crew lock-in and other exclusive events
    • Hang out with people from a variety of sports

Scouting out the best sports break-throughs and improvements from the fields, courts, and courses of Brookfield Central