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Marching Band Camp


Marching Band camp is from Tuesday, August 16th to Thursday, August 18th from 8:45-12:00. The band will also be taking a trip to Six Flags Great America on Friday, August 17th. This camp is required for all band students (freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors).  During our three-day camp, we will be learning our marching music, basic marching skills, and pep band music for the upcoming home football games.  We will engage in various leadership opportunities as well!  Coordinating over 150 students on a field requires a great deal of teamwork on everyone’s behalf.  It is imperative to have everyone in attendance and on time and prepared for the task at hand.


VERY IMPORTANT! – The marching music (“The Incredibles Part 1”) must be memorized! You will receive additional music during camp.  Practice music slowly at first and use a metronome.  Try memorizing one phrase (2 to 4 measures). Again, send me an email if you need music! Listen often to “The Incredibles” (fun piece!!!) on the J.W. Pepper website:


FEE FOR BAND CAMP:  Check made out to BCHS for $40 - This helps pay for outside instructors, marching equipment, band t-shirt (received at beginning of school year), and a pizza party on Thursday.



  1. Tennis shoes - no sandals or flip flops

  2. 3-ring binder – name labeled on both sides (black marker)

  3. Instrument- in excellent working condition *(high school is a good time to think about upgrading your instrument).  If you need a school instrument (i.e. tubas, euphoniums, etc…), email me immediately!

  4. Marching music – bring your marching music that was handed to you at the end of the school year.  If you lost your music, don’t wait to email!  New students should email me immediately at

  5. 10 plastic sheets placed in your binder (you will place your marching drill packet inside the plastic sheets).  The sheets can be found at Office Max, Office Depot, or Albertson’s (if you happen to travel to California).

6.   Sun-block - we will be working outside.

  1. Flip Folder with 10 extra sleeves  - this device is used to hold pep band music.  These can be purchased at your local music store (White House, Cascio, Melk, Hartland Music Center, etc…).  We will use these for numerous events throughout the year. * Flutes need special flip folders, which attach to the arm.  Ask the sales people in the store for help.

  2. Lyre - This friendly device attaches to your instrument.  Bring your instrument to the music store to avoid purchasing the wrong lyre.




CHANGE: There will be no appointments.  Students who are available will have the opportunity to get fitted after camp between noon-2 pm each day.  We hope to have a number of volunteers to be able to move the students through as quickly as possible (w/accuracy).  Tuesday will only be fittings for percussionists, juniors and seniors and the remaining two days for all students.

Tuesday 8/14  12:00-2:00 Drum Line, Juniors and Seniors

Wednesday 8/15 12:00-2:00 (all grades) and 4:00-6:00 (all grades)

Thursday 8/16 12:00-2:00 (all grades)

You will also need to be fitted for marching shoes during band camp.  These shoes are $30 (Cascio Music) and will used for all marching events.  If a student outgrows theirs, they can trade for new ones - no additional cost!  Marching bands all use the same type of shoe designed for roll-steps and safe marching.  



The most common concern this time of year involves the conflict of band rehearsal and sports practices or try-outs.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am always willing to make it work for both parties.  I am a firm believer that a high school student should be well rounded.  If you communicate your situation to myself immediately (email is the best source – weeks in advance!), I will try to work the situation out.  



Because the great work you do requires extra time and effort, additional practice sessions are required to be a percussionist and color guard member. You will be contacted via email or through a phone call as to when your practice times will occur.  Please respond immediately to your calls or emails. If you are a percussionist, please call our drum instructor Mike Hernke at (414) 840-4933 or email him at for the rehearsal schedule.  


If you are in color guard or wish to be, please email Janet Otten (kindly filling in for Nicole Bourne who just had a beautiful baby boy - Ellis!!!) at: or call her at (414) 379-1198.





To keep our band program strong, we need as much parent help as possible.  We rely on fantastic parent support each and every year. The following are a few areas in which we could use immediate help with Uniforms, Concessions (home football games), Fall Fundraisers, Chili Feed (Homecoming Game), “Bebop and BBQ”, Band Banquet, etc... If you are able to help with any of these areas, please email me at 

Band Parent Informational Meeting (Monday, August 13th: 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM) will be held in the BCHS Band Room (Enter through Door N9 - back parking lot/North entrance).  ALL BAND PARENTS are welcome to this brief but informational meeting.  Please consider attending if you are able!  Thank you!!!